Christian Holub
July 01, 2016 AT 12:53 PM EDT

Even with a hit Netflix show, paying for kids’ education can be a challenge. Ellie Kemper, who is pregnant with her first child, told Stephen Colbert on Thursday that she’s doing more commercials (even overseas ones) motivated by the cost of “sending your kids to private school.” They then played a clip of Kemper supposedly starring in a commercial for a new Russian gum.

The commercial starts off innocently enough, with a crimp-haired Kemper playing on a beach with friends and enjoying “Pyud Gum.” According to translated subtitles, the gum tastes like “sturgeon” and “currant.” It also has the side effect of turning Kemper into some kind of alien capable of shooting beachgoers with eye beams and turning them into spiders.

Watch the clip below if you don’t believe it.

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