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Allison Sadlier
July 01, 2016 AT 03:45 PM EDT

Hillary Clinton penned goodbye letter to hilarious feminist satire website The Toast, which shuttered Friday. The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee congratulated the site on creating a “space” for women and wrote, “In nearly every industry…women have had to forge their own paths against overwhelming odds and less-than-friendly welcomes.”

She goes on to reminisce about her friend Barbara Mikulski’s renowned dinners for female senators. “We’d give each other support, advice, and highly relevant tips to navigate being in such an extreme minority,” and of course over a few glasses of wine.

Clinton likens The Toast to these dinners she had with her fellow senators. She expresses her “great admiration for women like Barb who take it upon themselves to create spaces where women can speak their minds freely. With this site, Mallory, Nicole, and Nikki [the website’s curators] did the same thing for so many women — and they made us laugh and think along the way.”

Clinton, like many of the site’s readers, writes that she anxiously awaits further action from The Toast’s contributors and its audience. “Speak you opinion more fervently in your classes if you’re a student, or at meetings in your workplace.” She encourages women to continue to create spaces for their voices to be heard. She concludes with a powerful rallying cry, “Thank you, and as my friend Barb would say — keeping giving them hell. We’re counting on you.”

Read Hillary Clinton’s full letter over at The Toast

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