Ash vs Evil Dead releases season 2 trailer |


The insanely bloody new Ash vs Evil Dead season 2 trailer is here


Ash is back, baby! Last seen en route to demon-slayer retirement in Jacksonville, Florida, everyone’s favorite one-handed misfit hero has returned and is back in action. How do we know? By the insane amount of blood on display in the new Ash vs Evil Dead season 2 trailer.

We also know by the fact that Bruce Campbell is in it. And he plays Ash. So that kind of lets the proverbial cat out of the bag. (Note: No cats are bludgeoned in the trailer — at least none that we know of.)

Apparently, Ash will be teaming up with former nemesis Ruby (Lucy Lawless), and we’re sure that will go absolutely swimmingly…meaning there will no doubt be pools of ginormous blood to swim in wherever they wreak havoc. In any event, check out the first season 2 trailer for the Starz horror series (which returns in October) below.