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Will Robinson
July 06, 2016 AT 11:51 PM EDT

Sarah Silverman spent last week in the ICU after she nearly died of a dangerous throat condition, the comedian wrote on Facebook. She revealed she went to the doctor with a sore throat, only to discover she had “a freak case of epiglottitis.”

“I was in the ICU all of last week and I am insanely lucky to be alive,” she wrote. Epiglottitis occurs when the “when the epiglottis — a small cartilage ‘lid’ that covers your windpipe — swells, blocking the flow of air into your lungs,” according to the Mayo Clinic.

“There’s something that happens when three people you’re so close to die within a year and then YOU almost die but don’t,” Silverman wrote. “(That was me. I’m the one that didn’t die.) It’s a strange dichotomy between, ‘Why me?’ and the other, ‘Why me?'”

After five days in the hospital, Silverman awoke and was eventually sent home.

“I thanked everyone at the ICU for my life, went home, and then slowly as the opiates faded away, remembered the trauma of the surgery & spent the first two days home kind of free-falling from the meds / lack of meds and the paralyzing realization that nothing matters,” she wrote, and then quipped: “Luckily that was followed by the motivating revelation that nothing matters.”

Read Silverman’s full account below.


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