Chancellor Agard
July 07, 2016 AT 01:10 PM EDT

Did you know famed interviewer Larry King has his own line of luxurious bed linens called “Sleep Like a King”? Well, now you do thanks to Conan O’Brien. When King stopped by Conan on Thursday, O’Brien decided to ask King about this latest business venture, which he started with his wife, Shawn King. 

“They’re made by the top people who make the best bedding in the world, and they make sheets and pillow cases for great hotels. And we make the same thing with our own touch — Shawn designed a lot of the products — and you get them at very reasonable cost,” explained King.

When O’Brien asked about the thread count, King didn’t know the answer. “I lie down. It feels great. I’m a guy,” said King. “It’s all how it feels.”

O’Brien and Andy Richter decided to test the sheets out for themselves to find out what makes them special. So the three men climbed into a “Sleep Like a King” outfitted bed together. “These feel fantastic! These are amazing,” said O’Brien once they were cozy in bed together. “My final showbiz dream has come true.” 

The apparent comfort provided by the sheets didn’t distract O’Brien from how odd the entire scenario was. “I have a really f—ing weird job,” said O’Brien. 

Check out the clip below.

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