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Dalton Ross
July 08, 2016 AT 06:07 PM EDT

It was a rough ride for Victor Arroyo in the Big Brother house. The 25-year-old gym manager from Louisiana became the third player eliminated after he was backdoored and voted out 9-1 by his housemates. We caught up with Victor on his way to the sequester house and asked about his early exit, Paul not picking him for the veto competition, and being told he does not talk well to women. (Also make sure to check out our weekly Q&A with host Julie Chen.)

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You seemed to think you were safe for most of the week, so what happened?

VICTOR ARROYO: I think you asked the wrong question. I put on a front to make it seem like I was safe so it didn’t make it look like I knew I was going home. I tried to win votes, but strong players don’t stay around for long, especially if you’re not in the majority.

Did it bother you when your biggest ally Paul did not pick you to play in the veto competition?

Yes, it did bother me. It would have given me a chance to win the veto and not only keep myself safe, but keep him safe. But I didn’t get that opportunity.

Do you regret not keeping things under wraps a bit more, like announcing you were after Nicole when she was HOH?

I didn’t really announce I was after Nicole, I think that got lost in translation. But saying that, yes, I could have kept things to myself a little better.

Natalie made a comment in her parting words that you need to learn how to talk better to women. Do you agree with that?

If I came off as disrespectful, I really do apologize. That was never my intention. I just hope I can talk to her after the show to get that message across.

Keeping in mind that you will be battling to get back in the house, whom would you like to see evicted next?

Definitely not my boy Paul. If anything, the weaker the competitor, the better… maybe somebody like Natalie, because I’m sour she voted me out and she was on my own alliance. Or, Da’Vonne, or Corey, who isn’t a good competitor, who is 0-9, if he didn’t win the HOH this week.

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