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Kevin P. Sullivan
July 08, 2016 AT 06:50 PM EDT

Things are far from alright in Elliot Alderson’s world when Mr. Robot picks back up next week. The beginning of the second season finds the vigiliante hacker unable to trust anyone, and because this is Mr. Robot, perhaps the most insane series on television, that includes himself and us, the viewer.

In this exclusive clip from the season 2 premiere, Elliot sits back down with Krista, the therapist he hacked (and subsequently admitted to hacking) in season 1. She’s naturally wary of her patient, but she’s agreed to talk to him on the condition that he tell her the truth.

Well, the truth is a little complicated. Since the end of season 1 involved the revelation that Elliot’s consciousness had been working overtime, projecting the image of his dead father onto the world and talking to the audience, he’s understandably a little reticent to share.

What’s most interesting about the clip is that it establishes Elliot’s new position on us, his friend, and what kind of information he relays to us. If this preview is any indication, the narrator of Mr. Robot is not getting more reliable any time soon.

Mr. Robot season 2 premieres on Wednesday, July 13 at 10 p.m. on USA.

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