Mary Sollosi
July 13, 2016 AT 01:41 PM EDT

Congratulations! You’ve been accepted to Harvard Law School, class of 2004. (What, like it’s hard?)

Fifteen years ago Wednesday, Elle Woods totally crushed the LSAT and packed up her convertible for Cambridge, Mass., where she went to take classes from some of the most brilliant minds in the legal profession alongside the most promising young people in the country. Well, that, and also to get her boyfriend back.

In honor of Elle’s self-actualizing journey at Harvard, we’ve devised a little quiz to help you figure out which of her crazy-smart classmates you are — or maybe you’re Elle herself. Just remember: Law school’s not only for people who are boring and ugly and serious (because you, button, are none of those things). Now get quizzing before we make you define mens rea again!

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