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Lynette Rice
July 15, 2016 AT 04:56 PM EDT

Each week Big Brother host Julie Chen answers a few burning questions about the events in the house. Here, she weighs in on Frank, Zakiyah’s quiet demeanor, and the player who has earned her respect.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What do you think about Frank’s style of play? It kind of feels like he’s trying to channel Dr. Will by charming and manipulating the gals — or at least Bridgette.

JULIE CHEN: Frank’s play is very heavy-handed and arrogant, minus the charm and wit of Dr. Will. Frank has only managed to get Bridgette under his spell.  Dr. Will had the whole house. Frank looks like he’s laid back and easy going because his outward attitude is that way and with his sweet Southern accent he seems at ease. In reality he’s a competitive beast. He’s like what we say in Chinese, ‘a smiling face tiger.’ Don’t trust him!   

Julie, what’s up with Zakiyah? Next to Michelle, I hardly notice her. Is it because they are wisely keeping it low-key or are they, ahem, kind of boring?

Zakiyah has had no reason to call attention to herself and I think in life she’s probably a pretty low-key person. No one dislikes her in the house. She also knows to keep her mouth shut and it’s helping her coast along safely. Not playing hard cause she doesn’t have to.  

Da’Vonne got your attention in the Diary Room! What do you think about what she’s bringing to the game this season?

I love what Da’vonne is bringing to the game. She is funny and smart and genuine. She’s a big personality and fighting hard to find loyalty. Her ride or die alliance members are getting too caught up with boys! Nicole with Corey and Zakiyah with Paulie. I love her enthusiasm for the game and how she learned her lesson from last year to not say too much or be too big in the house. She’s who I am rooting for! Go Mamma Day!

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