Christian Holub
July 15, 2016 AT 03:17 PM EDT

Melissa McCarthy’s hilarious roles in vulgar comedies like Bridesmaids and Tammy are even funnier considering she grew up in a household in which sex wasn’t discussed — a revelation she shared with Conan O’Brien on Thursday night. As a result of her “sheltered” early years, young McCarthy didn’t really know what her classmates were talking about when sex came up. She misunderstood the concept so much, she was sure her parents never had sex.

“My theory, and I made a big proclamation, was I know they’ve never done it because I know for a fact my dad can’t do the Chinese splits,” McCarthy said.

“Chinese splits” was McCarthy and her classmates’ term for gymnastic middle splits, thanks to a lot of Olympics-viewing. O’Brien was just as flabbergasted hearing this theory as McCarthy’s friends were way back when. He asked McCarthy so many follow-up questions that she eventually turned red and had to cool off.

“I literally thought you had to go out with your legs, and then I guess you laid down and scooted in or something,” she said. “When I said that, I was teased for a very long time.”

“Yeah!” O’Brien said. “Yeah!”

Watch the clip below.

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