Ex-'Mythbusters' host's annual incognito costume includes Oscar-clutching Leonardo DiCaprio corpse

By James Hibberd
July 23, 2016 at 09:40 PM EDT
Norman Chan/Tested.com

Cosplay master Adam Savage is revealing his annual Comic-Con costume: The former Mythbusters host just stormed the San Diego Convention Center dressed as the vicious bear from The Revenant — complete with a dummy mauled corpse of Leonardo DiCaprio (clutching an Oscar!). It’s might be the most clever costume idea yet from Savage, who recently gave a TedTalk on the subject of cosplay and each year goes incognito at the fan convention dressed in one of his creations (more photos below).

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Okay, what inspired you to go as The Revenant bear?

ADAM SAVAGE: The inspiration comes from having always wanted to make a big realistic kinda scary bear costume. I couldn’t tell you why, I just like the idea. I’ve thought about it for a few years now, and I was in New Jersey last winter working with Rick Lyon, who’s a master puppeteer, and we were working with fur for puppets and corset boning. And I realized I could make a large costume that was light weight rather than heavy. And I thought the greatest joke would be to be a bear and drag around the carcass of Leonardo DiCaprio.

Norman Chan/Tested.com

I was only initially told it was only the bear costume. A mauled DiCaprio makes it so much better.

It just makes me smile. I’m also putting an Oscar in his hand. I don’t mean anything against him. I hope Leo doesn’t take offense because I mean none and he’s one of my favorite actors.

Oh, I’m sure he’ll be fine. This might be your best costume yet.

The color is wrong for The Revenant bear though. And I’m not sure how its going to work from a pose standpoint. I think I’m going to attach one of Leo’s legs to the costume so I don’t have to drag him the entire time but it looks like I am.

Norman Chan/Tested.com

How was the costume made? 

Stainless steel corset boning and a three-inch reddish mat of fur I bought on Amazon. All the materials cost less than $200. Once the bear costumes get revealed I’m going to publish the plan on how to make one — it’s exceeding simple — I’m going to put a PDF of a less expensive version on Tested.com. I love the idea that somebody can build a bear costume out of 20 pieces of fabric and a couple days.

What was the trickiest part? 

I don’t want the bear’s face to look like taxidermy. I want tit to look more furry and less fuzzy. This was a real departure for me because I’m not trying to copy something somebody else designed, I’m making this from scratch. This feels like a whole different skill set to bring to bear, so to speak. And I like where it moves the discussion about costuming. This bear is from such a totally different place — it’s not a high quality replica, it’s a costume I felt the need to make and put on. I love that it’s so weird and different it gives it a different kind of permission. Some of my favorite costumes are the ones made by people without a lot of money. I want people to be inspired.

Norman Chan/Tested.com

How life after Mythbusters?

It’s been lovely. It’s been really wonderful. There’s been a lot of space and time I’ve been concentrating heavily on Tested.com. We just got back from a long trip in Australia and New Zealand and we shot several things. And it’s been nice to say Yes to things that Mythbusters would have precluded, like going to Ted this year. 

Do you miss it?

I do! I miss my crew. My producers and director. We had a really great amazing core team. It’s the best crew in television, and I don’t say that lightly. The cohesion of our group is something I treasure and will treasure. I can’t wait to build another show and bring as many of our crew back together as I can find.

Norman Chan/Tested.com

Any update on doing that?

I’ve been developing stuff with my producing partner Whalerock and I’ve been pitching stuff. So we’re just slowing putting these packages together and taking them out and hopefully somebody will bite at some point. I miss telling stories on TV.