Clark Collis
August 05, 2016 AT 09:39 PM EDT

Australian actor John Jarratt’s Outback-based serial killer Mick Taylor has twice terrified cinema audiences — first in 2005’s Wolf Creek and then its 2013 sequel Wolf Creek 2. Now, Wolf Creek is migrating to the small screen in the form of a six-episode limited series, which premieres Oct. 14 on Pop. Executive producer Greg McLean, who also directed the two films, is keen to reassure horror fans that Taylor has lost none of his psychotic ways in the course of the transition.

“I think he may be getting more deranged, actually,” says the filmmaker, who also directed the recent horror film The Darkness. “He gets crazier as he goes on. He’s certainly a little more liberal in his killings in the series. Our No. 1 priority was to not television-ize what the movies were. We absolutely wanted it to be as cinematic, and impactful, as the movies, and not really pull back on any of the content.”

The TV show costars Lucy Fry as Eve Thorogood, a young American who’s hellbent on avenging her family but gets murdered by Taylor early in the pilot. “I worked with her [on] The Darkness and she was amazing in that,” McLean says of Fry. “When we came to thinking about casting the show, we thought the show literally won’t work unless we have the right actress in that role. I put Lucy forward. Everyone just realized that she had the perfect personality, the perfect ability to 100 percent commit to this character, and make it believable. She really did an amazing job in becoming this Linda Hamilton-like character, who is able to then go on, and attempt to defeat this bad guy.”

Like the Wolf Creek films, the TV show was actually shot in the Australian Outback. “Personally, I really love being in the outdoors, because I grew up in the country,” says McLean. “Besides the fact that John and I enjoy the characters, and the story, to be there when the sun comes up, and to be there when the sun goes down, you get to see some pretty amazing things. It’s like going camping with 200 people and that tends to be pretty fun.”

And if one has an issue with, say, large spiders? “Right, you may have some trouble,” concedes the director. “There are some majorly huge spiders, and big snakes, and all that kind of stuff. But we didn’t have any trouble with them. Someone will say, ‘Oh, there’s a big snake over there, don’t go over there!’ or ‘There’s a giant spider there!’ People will warn you where not to go.”

Although Wolf Creek is described as “a limited series,” McLean says he would have no problems with doing a second season. “I would love to do another one,” he says. “I think John and I, we’d both love to do it. We have ideas of what we would like to do, because we’ve been thinking of ideas for stories for so long. So, yeah, if it happened, we’d love it.”

You can see the trailer for the Wolf Creek TV show below.

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