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September 09, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT

Gilmore Girls

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Alexis Bledel, Lauren Graham, Keiko Agena, Kelly Bishop, Edward Herrmann, Melissa McCarthy, Jared Padalecki, Scott Patterson, Liz Torres, Yanic Truesdale, Milo Ventimiglia
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With a reboot, revival, or remake happening every 20 seconds these days, it’s pretty remarkable that there’s been very little backlash about Netflix’s Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. Perhaps that’s because creator Amy Sherman-Palladino wasn’t involved in the show’s final season and fans have been craving that ASP magic for closure. 

“It doesn’t feel like a money grab,” Lauren Graham tells EW when faced with the question as to why the revival has been immune to the vitriol. “There were perfectly reasonable artistic reasons to return: Our creator didn’t finish it. This is an auteur’s project; it’s not just something that someone else can easily take over. My boss from Parenthood [Jason Katims] said he’d be interested in reuniting that cast, and half the people were excited and half were like, ‘Oh, but it ended so well, why would you?’ We just didn’t have that here.”

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Alexis Bledel agrees: “I think that’s the main reason why. Also, there was hope for a while that maybe we could make a movie, which is not an easy thing to do. So much time passed that nobody really expected it to happen. We got this opportunity, and it was like a new idea that fans would get to see the show again.”

“But mainly,” Bledel continues, “Amy didn’t get to finish the show, so a year in the life is the only way that feels like the conclusion, at least the way she wanted to do it.”

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life debuts on Netflix on Nov. 25.

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