Stephanie Allynne
September 14, 2016 AT 12:00 PM EDT

One Mississippi, a semi-autobiographical show from comedian Tig Notaro, dropped its first six episodes Sept. 9 on Amazon. To guide us through our binging, the cast and crew will be taking EW behind the scenes. They’ll take turns sharing their thoughts on what went into making each episode. Here, actress Stephanie Allynne, who plays radio producer Kate, takes us through the series finale, “New Contact.” 

I love the character of Rocky, played by Nicole Delgado. She is a minor character, but the writers discussed her at length. I feel when people write “lesbian characters” it is often done with broad strokes. I’ve personally auditioned numerous times for a side-character lesbian — I’ve even played a few, where I’m saying lines that reference Lilith Fair or being Wiccan or justifying hooking up with a woman, or the character is in some shapeless muumuu waving a crystal around with the only justification being, “well, it’s because she’s a lesbian.” And while, yes, there is some truth to these stereotypes, and those truths are wonderful, it is certainly not reflective of everyone. 

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This is slowly changing and, aside from Tig being the first openly out lesbian as the lead of her own series since Ellen DeGeneres (how shocking is that?), I think the character of Rocky is another great example of this shift. Rocky is handsome. She is sexy in a suit — a female Don Draper. She is strong, powerful, and comfortable in her skin. You understand so much of her with just her ease and cool. It’s a small scene, but I’ve always really loved it. Maybe it’s because I discovered my own sexuality late, I think it’s important to show different types of gay women and gay relationships in the media. That may mean some homecoming queen in Temecula, Calif., who has no interest in sex [with women], may watch the episode and go, “Whoa, she is hot as hell. Is this what people are feeling when they look at George Clooney? Wait, am I gay?” Yes. Very.

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