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Nick Maslow
September 15, 2016 AT 01:09 PM EDT

Do more people want to be with Scott Eastwood or Jimmy Kimmel? Ellen DeGeneres apparently thought it was a real contest, because she took both guys around her studio lot for a game of “Who’d You Rather?” for Thursday’s episode of her talk show.

The game kicks off with an entire tour group passing up Kimmel, voting unanimously for Eastwood. “I don’t want to be spiteful,” responded a clearly insulted Kimmel, “but I don’t have to travel around in a tram. I have my own car, OK?”

“How do you feel?” asked DeGeneres.

“I feel great,” Kimmel replied. “It’s a real picker-upper.”

Next up: a woman in a cubicle, who went with “the one in the blue shirt,” a.k.a. Eastwood. “You’d like to spoon with Scott, that means,” explained DeGeneres. “Let’s spoon right now.”

Eastwood chimed in with his snuggling preferences, indicating that he likes to “be the little spoon.”

Feeling left out, Kimmel quipped, “Anyone need a fork?”

All four adults came together for a giant hug, with Eastwood situated between the ladies and poor Kimmel left all the way in the back. “This is like the human caterpillar,” he said.

As the group moved along, Eastwood just kept winning. Finally, Kimmel got a vote of confidence from a woman who thought Kimmel would have a comfortable bed. As it turns out, she’d seen that time Britney Spears brought dancers into his bedroom.

Watch the hilarity in the video below. Check your local listings to see Eastwood and Kimmel on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

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