Samantha Highfill
September 16, 2016 AT 04:31 PM EDT

Gotham‘s biggest cliffhanger at the end of season 2 wasn’t the return of Fish Mooney or the introduction of the Court of Owls. Rather, it was a teenage boy in desperate need of a haircut…who looked an awful lot like Bruce Wayne.

“We’re not going to leave that hanging too long out there,” executive producer Ken Woodruff says of Bruce’s doppelganger. “We’re going to deal with that early and often in the season.” (And yes, that does mean they’ll deal with the hair situation, specifically.)

Looking at the bigger picture of what Bruce’s new doppelganger will mean for the show, Woodruff says: “There’s two parts of that. There’s the real shock of Bruce Wayne learning and even realizing that this doppelganger, this double, is out there. So there’s big stuff to play with that. There’s also the fun of other people mistaking this person for Bruce Wayne and we have a lot of fun with that as well.”

However, let’s not forget that this is a fully formed person, which means there’s a backstory to be told. “There’s a whole story behind this character that we get to dive into,” Woodruff says. “Where did he come from, why was he created, why does he look like Bruce, what’s the motivation behind that, who created him? And we’re going to get into all that. It’s going to feed into a much bigger story that’s going to play out over the arc of the entire season to really explain his origins, basically, as a character.”

Gotham season 3 premieres Monday, Sept. 19 at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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