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Allison Sadlier
September 20, 2016 AT 04:33 PM EDT

Chris Pratt is such a mega-movie star, even he can’t keep track of all his upcoming projects.

Thankfully, Stephen Colbert took some time on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to run through Pratt’s slate of movies as a way to goose audience excitement… sort of. In a segment called “Maybe Coming Soon,” Colbert’s graphic design department created hilarious fake movie posters and tag lines leaving Pratt and the late night host to fill in the plot details.

First up was the heat-warming family feature Snow Dad in which Pratt plays Arthur Snow Dad, an accountant sent to the North Pole to audit Santa and his undocumented elves, who are embezzling from Mrs. Claus. At the film’s heart, it’s all about family though. Arthur Snow Dad and his kids “all learn a little something about one another and love conquerors all.”

Pratt thought of Return of Skeleton’s Ghost as a highly personal project. “You don’t want to jinx it, but I think this is my Oscar movie,” he said. Vin Diesel costars as the voice of the skeleton and the fake movie is worth it for the tagline alone: “They thought he was dead. They were right. Twice.”

The movie star was not afraid to get political, either: Enter the same-sex marriage drama The Wedding Santa (same-sex marriage isn’t legal in the North Pole yet). Other false projects: Snow Dad 2: Beach Dad and The Autumn Beekeeper, which Colbert pegged as surefire Oscar bait (“He keeps the bees. But who will keep him…in Autumn.”) The last film on Pratt’s schedule? Tim Burton project Professor Appleclock’s Big Bronze Pot of Victorian Film Flam. Hey, why not?

Watch the full segment below.

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