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Will Robinson
September 21, 2016 AT 09:40 PM EDT

The Johnsons were shaken up with good news at the end of season 2 when Bow (Tracee Ellis Ross) found out she was pregnant with the family’s fifth child. Don’t expect that to consume the matriarch’s plotting for season 3 of the acclaimed ABC sitcom.

“I don’t think it’s going to be the focus of what’s happening for Bow,” Ross tells EW. What it does bring — to Dre’s (Anthony Anderson) chagrin — is some of her relatives into the house, including a Hamilton star. “Daveed Diggs comes in to play my brother, and they have done a wonderful job expanding the story and history of where Bow comes from and the kind of family she’s from, which explains her a little more,” Ross adds.

Both Anderson and Ross earned Emmy nominations this year for their portrayals in the family sitcom. They have each brought out a lot of each other. “Tracee Ellis Ross has pushed me to become a better actor,” Anderson says. “Tracee makes me work — in a good way.”

While Ross sheepishly pushed back at that comment, she does agree they’ve boosted one another in a certain way. “Anthony and I have a very similar work ethic,” Ross explains. “I think that this role and this connection has brought something different out of both of us, a part of me that I didn’t know quite existed and that I love playing.”

See the interview above. Black-ish debuts season 3 at 9:30 p.m. ET on ABC.

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