Ian Watson/ABC
Madeline Raynor
September 21, 2016 AT 11:19 PM EDT

Now that you’ve seen the first episode of Kiefer Sutherland’s political thriller Designated Survivor, are you hooked?

The ABC political drama has a fascinating subject: the title refers to the (real-life) political position of designated survivor, a member of the U.S. government who is sequestered during a major meeting of the president and other top political leaders. In the event that anything happens to all of them, the designated survivor becomes president. And that’s exactly what happens to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Tom Kirkman (Sutherland) in the first episode.

EW’s Jeff Jensen wrote in his review, “[Kirkman is] a wish-fulfillment POTUS, both insider and outsider, pure and good. He’s overwhelmed by his sudden promotion but honest about it and surely able to rise to the challenge. Sutherland is incredibly appealing and credible in a change-of-pace role.”

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