Evan Slead
September 21, 2016 AT 07:20 PM EDT

In the dramatic and ever-changing world of Grey’s Anatomy it seems that anything is possible, but thankfully for stars Chandra Wilson and Jason George, their characters’ marriage is still going strong.

In an interview with EW, both on-screen doctors sat down to discuss the upcoming season and the emotional delivery of April and Jackson’s baby. “This season picks up exactly where we left off from the finale of last season,” said George. “Grey’s is kind of known for doing these big time jumps. We left off at such a dramatic moment that we’re picking up right there and the train’s moving fast.” Not only did Dr. Warren deliver the baby, but he saved April during labor, prompting a renewed trust between Ben and Miranda.

Still causing some conflict is the recent pay and status jump for Miranda. “Ben’s okay with some of it, but he doesn’t want to broadcast how big of a disparity there is between what she makes and he makes,” said George. The banter between the two is palpable, especially with Wilson keeping her costar in check over their TV marriage.

“He still wants his own thing to beat his chest about,” jokes Wilson.

Season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy premieres on Thursday, Sept. 22 at 8/7c.

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