Phantasm: Remastered trailer: Evil breaks free |


Evil breaks free in Phantasm: Remastered trailer

(AVCO Embassy Pictures; Courtesy of Everett Collection)

When I was a kid, the trailer for the 1979 horror film Phantasm — and, in particular, the sight of the film’s flying, brain-drilling spheres — utterly terrified me whenever it appeared on TV (which seemed to be every blasted two minutes). Now, writer-director Don Coscarelli’s terror classic has been gifted a new, J.J. Abrams-overseen 4K restoration, a new name (Phantasm: Remastered), and a new promo clip to (hopefully) once again terrorize the young and impressionable.

Both Phantasm: Remastered and the new, fifth film in the franchise, Phantasm: Ravager, will be released on VOD and via Digital HD Oct. 4 and in cinemas, Oct. 7.

You can see the trailer for Phantasm: Remastered, above.