Madeline Raynor
September 22, 2016 AT 03:31 PM EDT

Idina Menzel reflects on her past in “Like Lightning,” a new track from her latest album idina., premiering exclusively on EW.

Menzel has one of the most stunning voices in musical theater right now, and on this track, she shines. The irresistible chorus is anchored by her repeatedly ascending vocals, culminating in a beautiful belt. Menzel tells EW in an email, “‘Like Lightning’ is about the search for that part of us we lose over time, the part of us we compromised for others, the part of us that makes us special and needs to shine again.”

idina. is personal; it’s her first record since separating from Taye Diggs in 2013. “The last few years of my life were very complicated,” she says. “I was going through a divorce while simultaneously enjoying a very successful time in my professional life.” She followed the amazing success of Frozen and “Let It Go” by starring in the original musical If/Then on Broadway. “I used the writing process to wrestle with these things, to stop focusing on the past and figure out a way to begin again,” she says.

On the decision to self-title the album, Menzel says, “I just want people to feel like they are getting to know me on a first name basis.” What about the period at the end? “Well, get my name right, dammit!,” she says. (John Travolta flubbed her name at the 2014 Oscars, calling her “Adele Dazeem,” fans may remember.)

idina. is out Sept. 23.

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