James Hibberd
September 23, 2016 AT 10:32 PM EDT

Four rather similar logos, four very different products. One gets you a mind-bending R-rated sci-fi series, another offers an iconic Amazonian superhero, a third brings pro wrestlers, and yet another offers a guilty pleasure fast-food burger. Below are the logos for HBO’s upcoming Westworld, Texas-based fast-food chain Whataburger, the WWE cable network, and next year’s Wonder Woman feature film. As you can see, there a lot of different ways you can make a double dubya logo. Yet two of these logo owners (Wonder Woman and Whataburger) are having a “friendly trademark discussion,” as one representative euphemistically put it, over the similarity of their Ws. So let’s play a game of “robot apocalypse, wrestling, burger, or superhero?” (Key below.) 





And if you’re wondering why so many W brands opt for stacked Ws in their logos, you can see here that many other W brands do not… but the stacked ones, frankly, just look cooler (so take that, Weight Watchers). 

Key: A. Whataburger, B. Wonder Woman, C. Westworld, C. WWE Network

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