Derek Lawrence
September 26, 2016 AT 04:56 PM EDT

A young girl’s epic journey begins in an exclusive clip from Long Way North, the award-winning, hand-drawn animated film.

Long Way North, the directorial debut of animator Rémi Chayé, follows the story of Sacha (Chloé Dunn), a girl in 19th century Saint Petersburg, Russia, who leaves behind her aristocratic family to head north in search of her grandfather, a respected scientist and explorer.

In the clip above, Sacha’s adventure begins as she sneaks away and finds passage on a train; meanwhile, back at her parents’ estate, they discover that she has gone missing.

The film has already garnered rave reviews abroad as it won the Audience Award at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival and was the winner of Grand Prize and the Governor of Tokyo Award at the Tokyo Animation Festival.

Long Way North will be released by Shout! Factory Films in New York and Los Angeles beginning on Friday.

Watch the video above.

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