Rachel DeSantis
September 26, 2016 AT 08:37 PM EDT

Blind auditions on The Voice continue this week, but the competition on stage is nothing compared to the coaches’ competitiveness as they break into newbies versus vets and compete backstage during game night. 

In charades fashion, each team of two (Adam Levine and Blake Shelton rep Team Vets and Alicia Keys and Miley Cyrus join forces for Team Newbies) is given 30 seconds to describe or act out words that their teammate then has to guess.

First up is Levine and Shelton, who have put their on-stage difference aside, ceased the bickering, and are in it to win it. Levine feeds Shelton the clues first, and makes it easy with hin like “your favorite sport” (Shelton answers football right away). The vets are able to rack up a solid four points, but the newbies have their game faces on.

Cyrus gives Keys clues (and even acts out yoga poses!), and the girls end up leading 5-4 after the first round.

Team Vets is able to refocus and tip the scale in their favor with a 10-5 lead, and despite a good effort from Cyrus and Keys, Team Newbies falls short by one point. But don’t think this will get Team Newbies too down.

“The good news is this is the only time we’re going to lose on this entire show, so don’t worry,” Cyrus promises. “This isn’t the game we’re worried about winning.”

Watch the whole clip above, and tune in Monday, Sept. 26 and Tuesday, Sept. 27 at 8 p.m. ET for more blind auditions.

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