Christian Holub
September 27, 2016 AT 01:39 PM EDT

The only thing James Corden seems to enjoy more than Carpool Karaoke is temporarily taking over other people’s jobs. On Monday’s episode of The Late Late Show, Corden installed himself as the new coach for Arsenal Football Club. His motto was “inspiration… is a big deal,” so the first thing Corden did was try to inspire the team on a bus ride. He even recruited bandleader Reggie Watts to perform a new song with lyrics like, “We’re gonna win,” and “We’ll destroy everybody with our minds and our hearts.” 

From there, Corden ran the team through warmups; his list of stretches included dabbing and twerking. He believed the players must have never been happier, but this was an incorrect take. “I’ve seen that show where he talks to people, but I don’t know why that gives him the right to talk to us about football,” one player said. “I think he looks more like a football than a football coach,” another one remarked.

Corden did his best to infuse his coaching job with the energy of his late-night hosting, and came closest with a new celebration called the Frying Pan. He instructed players to celebrate a goal by laying on the ground in a circle and making sizzling noises.

Watch the clip below.

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