Nivea Serrao
September 29, 2016 AT 09:10 PM EDT

Marvel’s Luke Cage might be premiering all 13 episodes of its first season on Netflix Friday, but in case that isn’t enough for fans of the character (or the series) Marvel will also be releasing a new costume for his character — which you can exclusively view below — in the video games Marvel Heroes that will be more in line with his outfits on the show.

But if Cage’s TV ensemble isn’t to your liking, don’t fret because the game will also be visually updating both his modern costume and his classic (tiara-topping) costume. This in particular is a long time coming since Cage has been sporting the same looks since 2013.

Players will also be able to purchase the Heroes for Hire ’97 Fortune Card — a nod to Cage’s classic comic series that ran from 1997-1999 — which will also unlock exclusive new costumes for Luke himself, She-Hulk, and lead-of-his-own-Netflix-series Iron Fist.

What’s more, fans of both Cage and his onscreen — and in-comic — romance with Jessica Jones will now be able to team up with her character in the game. This specific feature was inspired by the couple joining forces to fight criminals in Marvel’s Jessica Jones last year. 

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