Phil Bray
Allison Sadlier
September 29, 2016 AT 09:53 PM EDT

The iconic house from Mrs. Doubtfire is going on the market. Nanny not included.

Robin Williams’ on-screen family occupied the San Francisco home in the 1993 family film where the comedian disguised himself and assumed the persona of a proper British nanny, one Mrs. Doubtfire, in order to be closer to his three children after his ex-wife (Sally Field) gets full custody, restricting his access to them. 

The spacious corner house has an asking price of $4.45 million and is located the San Fran’s affluent Pacific Heights neighborhood. The location became a temporary memorial following Williams’ death in 2014. Fans left tokens and flowers outside in remembrance of the beloved comedic actor.

The Mrs. Doubtfire house sale joins a growing list of other homes made famous in film and TV to hit the market. Both Harry Potter‘s and Hermione Granger‘s childhood homes from the Harry Potter movies have been listed in recent weeks. The Full House home, also in San Francisco’s Pacific Heights area, became available in May.

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