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Isabella Biedenharn
October 07, 2016 AT 07:38 PM EDT

Adultery is abundant in Paula Hawkins’ best-selling 2015 thriller, The Girl on the Train. But Tate Taylor’s film adaptation, with a script by sex-friendly screenwriter Erin Cressida Wilson (Secretary, Chloe), dials up the love-making even more — and the burden of most of these sizzling scenes lands on actors Haley Bennett and Luke Evans. Those two play Megan and Scott Hipwell, a beautiful and enigmatic missing woman and her volatile, grieving (yet suspicious) husband, and their love life captivates Emily Blunt’s voyeuristic alcoholic, Rachel Watson, from afar. They’ll likely captivate moviegoers, too, so EW caught up with Evans and Bennett about bringing these trysts to life, and figuring out what’s going on beneath the surface.

“I don’t think they had a very calm relationship,” Evans says of the Hipwells. “But I think it was a very intense relationship. It had a lot of passion, and passion can manifest its ways in many different forms. I think they probably made love as passionately as they argued.”

“We have some quite steamy moments in the film,” he continues. “We had fun. We went for it — she’s fantastic. It’s never easy to do those sex scenes, but she was so great. We made the most of it. We enjoyed ourselves.”

For Bennett, though, the film’s added sexuality was an obstacle, not a draw. “[Megan] is a character that I would typically shy away from, just because of the explicit nature of the character,” she says. “But there was something that I saw about her that I thought was interesting. This role probably could have been portrayed as just the ‘sexy girl,’ not a whole lot going on behind the eyes. But I think there was a frailty in her… something very childlike about the way she stumbled through life and put her hands on the hot stove. I wanted to decode her intellect, and why she was so reckless and, you know, probably unmedicated. I wanted to bring a reality and a groundedness to Megan.”

The Girl on the Train is in theaters now.

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