Craig Blankenhorn/HBO
Rachel DeSantis
October 11, 2016 AT 08:18 PM EDT

Oh SJP, your friends Jessica Shaw and Touré aren’t mad — just disappointed.

In this clip from Bingeworthy, the two co-hosts discuss Sarah Jessica Parker’s new HBO show Divorce, and both seem to think the dramedy about a woman leaving her husband and its subsequent fallout is on the verge of something great, but isn’t quite there.

“Why isn’t this a show about her and her friends?” Shaw wonders. “Maybe they felt like that was a little too Sex and the City, but to me, that was the money of the show, those scenes. She has no chemistry, for better or for worse, with Thomas Haden Church.”

Touré completely agrees, and seems bewildered as to why Parker chose to make her return to TV as “this woman who’s getting divorced from an insanely boorish man for whom I feel only pity and hate.”

Both seem to think the show could benefit from ditching the husband and focusing on Parker’s character and her relationship with her friends, but only one host is able to deem it bingeworthy. Will it be Shaw or Touré? Check out the full episode to find out.

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