Christian Holub
October 12, 2016 AT 11:58 AM EDT

Would You Rather is typically played as an exercise in impossible choices between undesirable situations, but when Kevin Hart came on The Tonight Show Tuesday, he and host Jimmy Fallon played a more innocent, pop culture-infused situation.

In this game, Hart and Fallon not only had to answer the scenarios for themselves, but they also had to guess which option the majority of the audience had chosen. For instance, the first question was “Would you rather … sing better than Beyoncé, or run faster than Usain Bolt?” Hart chose Bolt, but the audience had gone with Beyoncé.

Hart made up for his Queen Bey mistake in the next round, during which he successfully guessed more people wanted a talking dog than a clone of themselves. Hart ultimately won the tiebreaker round, guessing more people wanted to see into the future than read minds). This forced Fallon to go to the loser’s table for a gross predicament: Would you rather hold worms in your bare hands for 10 seconds or eat a cricket? Fallon chose the latter, and did indeed eat a cricket on live TV.

Watch the clip below.

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