Kimberley French
Will Robinson
October 12, 2016 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Power Rangers fans can get a sneak peek at the upcoming movie thanks to a new website devoted to the alien-fighting teens’ high school.

As part of its marketing campaign, Lionsgate has created a website for the The Roar, the student newspaper of the film’s fictional Angel Grove High School. (Go Tigers!)

Three Rangers are profiled on the website. Red Ranger Jason, the starting quarterback of the football team, is praised for his character and work ethic: “In a school of misfits and mayhem, we could all be a little more like Jason.” Trini, the Yellow Ranger, shines in the “New Student Spotlight,” but her Pink Ranger pal doesn’t come off too well; rumors are flying that Kimberly will no longer lead the cheer squad. “Could this be the end of Kimberly’s elite social status?” reads The Roar. “What could this darling heartthrob have done to cause her to be cut from the power squad? Seems like she had us fooled all along…”

Check out the site here. Power Rangers is scheduled for a March 24, 2017 release.

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