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Rachel DeSantis
October 12, 2016 AT 03:15 PM EDT

It seems the Ken Bone love-train America’s been riding all week is showing no signs of slowing down. Tuesday night on The Daily Show, Trevor Noah spent several minutes gushing over the man in the red sweater, as most Americans have been doing since Sunday.

“I love Ken Bone, I love this guy so much,” Noah said of the coal plant operator who asked a question about energy policy during Sunday’s debate. “He’s cute, he’s got a great sweater. But here’s why I fell in love with Ken: because up until now, I had no idea why a voter in this election could be undecided. But Ken? He got to my heart and he made a good case.”

Noah aired several clips of Bone making the rounds on TV, including his chat with Anderson Cooper.

“I think I’m more uncommitted than I was when we started, I’m afraid,” Bone explained to Cooper. “Donald Trump, he might have my economic interest more in mind…but if he’s allowed to appoint the next Supreme Court nominee, there’s a very good chance that we could lose some of the rights that we’ve fought for. We’re looking at a personal interest versus community interest election.”

Adorable and considerate? That’s a combination Noah can get behind.

“You know right now Hillary’s campaign is just analyzing everything about him. She’s going to show up at the third debate in a red sweater and fake mustache,” Noah said. “This guy is just so appealing.”

Bone has made quite the media circuit tour during his 15 minutes of fame, getting shout-outs on CBS, CNN, and the Today, among others. He stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday night to explain his debate-night fashion choice, got love from Stephen Colbert, and even received some intriguing offers from both Chelsea Handler (“I figured out who I want to be my lover for the next 40 years”) and Snoop Dogg (“Come to the crib and smoke 1 wit Tha Dogg,” he tweeted). 

Watch Noah put his love for Bone into words in the clip below.

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