Dan Snierson
October 13, 2016 AT 05:44 PM EDT

The biggest mystery of The Last Man on Earth is morphing from “Is Pat dead?” into “Where did Pat go?”

The hazmat suit-wearing government conspiracy nut who tried to kill Tandy (Will Forte) received a generous helping of A-Team van from Todd (Mel Rodriguez) in the season 3 premiere, only to spend the following episode at Cher’s mansion, with Todd wracked with guilt over having killed Pat (Mark Boone Junior). But did he? He did. Or did he? Brain — and status of Pat — confused. And the boat’s gone.

Perhaps this first-look clip from episode 3 will help clear up the mystery. Perhaps it will deepen it. Perhaps Carol (Kristen Schaal) will taste the blood of a missing man. Perhaps this group is not safe. Click and find out.

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