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Mae Whitman gets the Her treatment in Operator trailer

In HerJoaquin Phoenix’s character grows attached to a bodiless voice. In the upcoming Operator, Martin Starr’s character, Joe, also grows attached to a bodiless voice — the big difference, though, is that this voice is a replica of his (living, breathing) wife’s (Mae Whitman).

See, Whitman’s Emily is a concierge as a luxury hotel, meaning she’s spent hours of her life calming upset guests down — which makes her the perfect person to provide the voice for the hotline of the health insurance company Joe works for. She’s game, but things go downhill once Joe begins favoring the fake Emily to the real one. 

The film, directed by Logan Kibens, also features TV comedy favorites like Parks and Recreation’s Retta and Married’s Nat Faxon. It premiered at South by Southwest this past March and debuts this November. Watch the trailer below.