Alex Bailey/Netflix
Shirley Li
October 13, 2016 AT 02:54 PM EDT

The Crown, Netflix’s upcoming period drama, has already made headlines for being the streaming giant’s most expensive production to date. It’s easy to see why: The series’ first season explores the reign of Queen Elizabeth II (Claire Foy), following her from her marriage to Prince Philip (Matt Smith) in the late 1940s to the first years of her monarchy.

It’s a globe-hopping epic that, as the cast and creators explain in the featurette above, required beautiful costumes, intricate sets, and more to achieve the right look. “It needs scale, it needs the extras, it needs great costume design,” Smith says. “It needs wow-ness to it.”

Still, the team says The Crown isn’t just about its grand scope; instead, it explores the purpose of a monarchy in the modern era, allowing it to explore family dynamics as well. “What our series does is it strips [the mask of being royal] away,” Smith adds. “We get to see them be human and exposed.”

Watch the featurette above. The Crown premieres Nov. 4 on Netflix.

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