Christian Holub
October 14, 2016 AT 01:11 PM EDT

The Tonight Show‘s games are typically funny, gross, delightful, or wacky. But this is October, after all, and host Jimmy Fallon changed the status quo a bit on Thursday when he accompanied guest Kevin Hart to a haunted house to get ready for Halloween.

Fallon admitted up front that he scared easily, though Hart put on a brave face. “You jump out at me if you want to — you’ll get a boot to the neck,” he said.

Throughout the trip, the camera stayed close on their faces as they cycled through horrified and grossed-out expressions. Fallon and Hart were indeed scared by every manor of haunted-house dweller: creepy kid under the stairs, a scary magician, a torture chamber. There was also a guy with a chainsaw, though Fallon and Hart were able to talk him down by repeatedly telling him “stop.”

When they finally made it through the house, Hart made sure to let everyone know he wasn’t really scared, just acting.

“Happy Halloween, dude,” Fallon said as the comedian walked away.

“Hey, go f— yourself, Jimmy,” Hart replied.

Watch the clip below.

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