Nick Romano
October 15, 2016 AT 08:44 PM EDT

Toy Story is a Pixar staple, but now fans can watch a familiar moment from a rare vantage point: the Disney animation studio released new videos showing side-by-side comparisons of the opening sequence from Toy Story 2 and the storyboard art that inspired it. 

The sequel begins with Buzz Lightyear infiltrating a planet taken over by the Emperor Zurg. After fighting his way through to his headquarters, our hero eventually perishes by the villain’s hand. Of course, it was all for fun, as it was just a figment of the video game Rex was playing.

Pixar’s video takes us through the storyboard progression for the beginning shots, with the final animation playing in the bottom left corner to illustrate how it transformed.  

Watch the videos above and below. 

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