C. Molly Smith
October 17, 2016 AT 05:54 PM EDT

Dating isn’t coming easily to Kenny (Noah Galvin) on The Real O’Neals.

In an exclusive sneak peek (above) of Tuesday’s episode, “The Real Dates,” Kenny mopes about his single status. “Well, here I am again,” he narrates. “Another day of being gay in theory and not in practice, unlike my siblings who are getting more action on their devices than I’ve gotten all year.”

Then we see Jimmy (Matt Shively) and Shannon (Bebe Wood) chatting up their love interests on their phone and laptop. Kenny asks if there’s something wrong with him, and Shannon starts to say that sometimes he doesn’t hear people — just as he cuts her off and goes on with his rant. “The problem is that I’m completely alone in a forest of straight people,” Kenny continues.

Shannon responds, “C’mon Kenny, you know how to find a more crowded forest,” and points to her computer. Wise one, that Shannon — and so, dating apps it is…

The Real O’Neals airs on Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m. E.T. on ABC. For more, read our interview with showrunner David Windsor, who expands on what Kenny, and his family, will face in season 2, which premiered last week.   

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