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Tim Stack
October 19, 2016 AT 12:00 PM EDT


Finally, the big twist of American Horror Story: Roanoke has been revealed. The reality show of My Roanoke Nightmare was a  huge success, even beating The Walking Dead and Empire. So producer Sidney (Cheyenne Jackson) pitched the network network on Roanoke: 3 Days in Hell, a Big Brother-type hybrid where the actors and real players of Nightmare are forced to live together in that haunted house.

Shelby (Lily Rabe) has seen herself the victim of death threats and her marriage to Matt (Andre Holland) is on the rocks and she’s had an affair with fake Matt, Dominic Banks (Cuba Gooding Jr.). Agnes (Kathy Bates), the actress who played the Butcher, became a huge star but then had a massive breakdown and started thinking she was actually the Butcher. Sidney actually serves her papers to keep her away from the set.

Audrey (Sarah Paulson), who played Shelby, is actually British and she’s married to Rory (Evan Peters), who played Phillipe Mott. We get to see their boho, cheesy wedding video. We also learn that Agnes has been stalking Audrey and craving her Saturn award. Hahahah.

Lee (Adina Porter) is suspected of actually murdering her husband in real life but agrees to come back to the show to clear her name. Her actress counterpart, Monet (Angela Bassett), has actually found herself in and out of rehab.

The group is given deactivated phones where only the camera works. What they don’t initially realize is that they’ve been placed in the house during the next three days of the Blood Moon, when the spirits supposedly run free. The TV show was shot at a different time of year.

The cast begins to realize that what happened on My Roanoke Nightmare is true. 

A title card tells us that every single castmember but one died during this period. The show never aired and we’re watching the unused footage. 

Stay tuend to for Marc Snetiker’s recap of Wednesday’s game-changing AHS: Roanoke!

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