Madeline Raynor
October 20, 2016 AT 04:49 PM EDT

Rachel Bloom is crazy funny on the set Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

It’s no surprise: she’s hilarious on Twitter and often shares funny, behind-the-scenes videos from the musical comedy. The gag reel for season 1 of the show is five minutes of Bloom being a comedic delight. She punctuates every messed up take with a wise crack, some of them NSFW. Elsewhere: Pete Gardner (Darryl) has an amazing rant about feeling like no one appreciates his bean dip, and don’t miss Vincent Rodriguez III (Josh) mooning Bloom as she opens the door for a take.

This should tide you over until season 2 of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend premieres Friday at 9 p.m. ET on the CW.

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