Christian Holub
October 20, 2016 AT 12:55 PM EDT

The third presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was not built around undecided voters like Ken Bone the way the second was, but doubtless there are still a handful of Americans who haven’t made up their minds about this election. Jimmy Kimmel took those Americans to task on Wednesday night, with a blistering parody of undecided voters.

The skit featured Kimmel among a group of undecided voters who still haven’t made their minds up after the third election. The incredulous moderator asked how that could be possible. Kimmel responded that they hadn’t made a decision about that, either.

“We might be undecided, but on the other hand we might not,” Kimmel said. “I totally agree to disagree. I go back and forth. Right, everybody?”

The moderator asked how they even got dressed in the morning. Kimmel responded, “We don’t know.”

Watch the clip below.

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