Christopher Rosen
October 20, 2016 AT 01:19 PM EDT

Stephen Colbert appeared live after Wednesday’s third and final presidential debate, and immediately focused on Donald Trump’s controversial comments about not accepting the results of the election on Nov. 8.

“Though it came halfway through the debate tonight, I think the definitive moment of the evening, of the election, of the American experiment, came when Chris Wallace asked Donald Trump if he would accept the results of the election on Nov. 8,” Colbert said, before playing footage from the debate of the exchange.

“What I’m saying is I’ll tell you at the time. I’ll keep you in suspense,” Trump said of any chance he would concede the results were he to lose.

“Oh my God,” Colbert said. “That’s, I’m sorry, what’s the word?” He then played a clip of Hillary Clinton’s actual response on Wednesday night: “That’s horrifying.”

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In disbelief over Trump’s comment, Colbert played his “suspense” remark a second time.

“Oh, suspense,” Colbert added. “Democracy is going to end with a cliffhanger. I guess we’re all going to have to wait until Nov. 9 to find out if we still have a country. If Donald Trump is in the mood for a peaceful transfer of power, or if he’s going to wipe his fat ass with the Constitution.”

Watch below.

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