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Christian Holub
October 20, 2016 AT 01:25 PM EDT

The third presidential debate on Wednesday night was packed with highlights, from Donald Trump’s surprise guests to Hillary Clinton’s sharp takedowns of her opponent’s conspiracy theories. Trevor Noah attempted to tackle all of them with a live show immediately following the election.

Noah first addressed the absurdity of Trump bringing Malik Obama, President Barack Obama’s half-brother from Kenya, as a guest to the debate. After making a joke about Malik, Noah was distracted to see his own “half-brother” in the audience.

“You blew it again, Trevor! No wonder everyone in the village started calling you ‘Ebola!'” the mysterious guest said. “You were terrible in Africa, and you will never catch on in America!”

One of the most talked-about moments from the debate, though, was Trump refusing to say he would accept the election results if he loses. The Republican candidate has been telling people for weeks now that the election might be “rigged,” and he defended this claim in response to moderator Chris Wallace’s questions.

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“This guy just said he may not accept the election results! Did Donald Trump just dismiss democracy like it was dressing on a salad?” Noah said. “‘I’ll look at it later, put it on the side.’ What do you mean you’ll keep us in suspense? Trump’s basically going to run his campaign like an episode of Scandal, except with less black people and less women in power and a more realistic understanding of politics.”

Watch the clip below.

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