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Derek Lawrence
October 25, 2016 AT 12:00 PM EDT

The latest episodes of Black Mirror, which debuted last Friday on Netflix, have somehow found new ways to make viewers never want to use technology again. Despite the show’s depictions of death by video game and computer blackmail, creator Charlie Brooker insists that Black Mirror isn’t anti-technology.

On Tuesday, Brooker and coshowrunner Annabel Jones, took part in a Reddit AMA to answer all the fans’ burning questions. Among the topics the duo touched on are the show’s stance on advanced tech, possible sequel episodes, and the one thing that they decided to cut for being too depressing,

Here’s the six things that we learned.

1. The show is pro-technology

While most episodes seem to show advanced technology ruining people’s lives, Brooker says the show is “not waving a fist at the iCloud.”

2. Community didn’t influence “Nosedive”

Many viewers noted the similarities between season 3’s “Nosedive” and Community’s “App Developments and Condiments,” but Brooker says he became aware of the episode only recently.

3. Brooker had a Black Mirror moment in real life

Being too busy to write an episode of Doctor Who was sadder than anything he’s done on the show.

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4. There could be a sequel down the road


Brooker is open to a follow-up to season 2’s standout episode, “White Bear.”

5. “Playtest” almost got an even scarier version

As if the Wyatt Russell-starring season 3 episode wasn’t scary enough, there could have been a “nightmare mode.”

6. The concept that got cut because it was too depressing

Here’s proof Brooker has a heart: He cut a concept for “White Christmas” after deciding it was too bleak.

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