Evan Slead
October 25, 2016 AT 09:41 PM EDT

Just in time for Halloween, Honest Trailers has released its take on Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Right from the start, the Screen Junkies-produced satirical video questions why Burton’s name is attached to the title when he didn’t direct, write, or score the film. Those credits go to Henry Selick, who directed, screenwriter Caroline Thompson (based on Burton’s original story and characters), and composer Danny Elfman. Still, confusing title aside, this animated classic “makes every emo kid feel special and unique, even though they’re all in love with the same movie.”

Jack Skellington and the rest of the townsfolk are focusing on the upcoming Halloween celebration in the fantastical world of Halloween Town, or as the Honest Trailers narrator describes it, “a land that exists just to throw one party a year.” Not far off in the deep, dark woods, the other major holiday’s reside, with their own inhabitants preparing to celebrate their own festivities.

When the tall and lanky skeleton decides to don his own Christmas suit to celebrate the jolly time of year, the story takes a sharp sleigh-ride turn “as he hijacks Christmas, traumatizes children, and let’s a demon have his way with Santa Claus.” 

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Apart from its quirky but fun story, the film “launched an entire genre of creepy stop-motion kids movies that we mostly remember for its gorgeous score and catchy music,” says the narrator. It’s been long debated whether the film is a Christmas or Halloween movie — thankfully Selick confirmed in 2015 it is a Halloween movie through and through — and Screen Junkies calls out this stark difference in holiday tones by changing the lyrics of “What’s This?” to “What’s This? / Like Gremlins or Die Hard / It’s kind of both things / Hey just pick one and commit!”

Watch the full video above.

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