Brian Tamborello
Eric Renner Brown
October 25, 2016 AT 02:57 PM EDT

The Shins tweeted a peculiar, lo-fi video without comment on Tuesday morning. Clocking in at 44 seconds, the spooky clip gets into the Halloween spirit, advertising “a horror film that is nothing to spit at” named I Gleek On Your Grave.

“In a dead-end town, a car salesman is in grave danger from something he can’t run from — something in his subconscious,” a warped voice narrates. Frontman James Mercer is captured splayed on a couch in one shot and performing onstage in another. A brief snippet of what could be new Shins music is faintly audible.

Other strange clues litter the clip. One shot depicts a living room with a TV, a guitar, a turntable, the state flag of Mercer’s native New Mexico, and an I Gleek On Your Grave poster. In another frame, a vintage computer plays footage of a giant, checkered Vans slip-on stomping a running man; next to the computer is a crudely drawn poster that reads, “The Shins, You’ll Be Dead, March 7th 2056.” (That shot also contains a book titled My Fundamental Rights in the European Union.)

In August, the indie-rock group shared a brief clip on Instagram with the caption “I Gleek On Your Grave.” Days later, Mercer suggested that the band’s follow-up to 2012’s Port of Morrow, would arrive “early next year,” adding that his “songwriting is stronger than it ever was.” In September, the band made their live return and debuted two new songs.

While Mercer last released a Shins album in 2012, he released After the Disco, his second collaborative album with Danger Mouse as Broken Bells, in 2014 and toured behind the project.

See today’s mysterious video from the Shins below.

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