Derek Lawrence
October 25, 2016 AT 05:45 PM EDT

While the hosts of Bingeworthy may have differing opinions on the season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead, they both can agree that Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan is a home run.

During the latest episode of Bingeworthy, the new series from the People/Entertainment Weekly Network, hosts Jessica Shaw (EW Radio on SiriusXM) and Touré (MSNBC’s The Cycle) debated the return of TV’s biggest hit, while showering Walking Dead newcomer Morgan with plenty of praise.

“Jeffrey Dean Morgan is electric. He is so good, he has so much charisma, he’s got swagger,” said Shaw. “Like there are these little moments where you see him sort of lean back when he’s talking, like he is so good for being the devil.”

Shaw’s cohost agreed that the devil description was a perfect one for Negan. “The devil would be sexy to everyone,” exclaimed Touré. “And this man is clearly very sexy, while destroying lives and keeping them in terror.”

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