Evan Slead
October 27, 2016 AT 12:00 PM EDT

“I won’t let you down.” “I know you won’t.”

In true Final Fantasy fashion, the conceptual CG trailer for Final Fantasy XV features a shifting reality, which teases events to come. Titled “Omen,” the epic production is a collaboration between the Final Fantasy XV team and DIGIC Pictures, the same 3D animation studio involved with the film Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV. The main score behind the trailer, by Andreas Kübler from the studio IMAscore, captures the “endlessness” of Noctis and his struggle with fate.

The dream begins with Prince Noctis, the protagonist of the upcoming game, as he wanders the halls of his childhood home. A painting of Noctis and his fiancée Princess Luna as children catches the Prince’s eye, which also subtly features two dogs. Young Luna can be heard reciting the prophecy of the one who will wield the crystal, while the scenes change to Noctis dreamily driving down a battle-torn road. The sight of a white dog patiently waiting on the battleground catches Noctis’ attention, causing his car to flip and the entire narrative to switch.

Settings shift back and forth like water pouring through holes in glass, depicting Noctis chasing down the beautiful white dog. Cut between are ominous shots of Luna fighting who can only be a chaotic Noctis, as his ash-covered skin and fire-red eyes have no compassion for his long-time love.

After an epic battle on a military base, Noctis attempts to save the white dog, but falls through the ground to find himself wielding a trident against Luna. The white dog has turned to ash and heads back to the main reality, leaving Noctis to grieve over his fallen fiancée.

In the end, an unknown and mysterious voice warns King Regis, Noctis’ father, of a final bargain. “I have seen many deaths, but now I’m only looking forward to one. And then, I can rest…”

Final Fantasy XV releases for Playstation 4 and XboxOne on Nov. 29.

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