Christian Holub
October 28, 2016 AT 01:02 PM EDT

As the 2016 presidential election winds down to its final stages, Donald Trump’s campaign has a lot of ground to cover with voters, especially women, if they have any chance of securing a victory. But rather than reach out to new groups of voters, the Trump campaign has doubled down on its mistakes and turned to conspiracy theories, as Seth Meyers examined on Thursday night.

Megyn Kelly’s questions about Trump’s sexual assault allegations for instance, inspired a chauvinistic response from Trump campaign surrogate Newt Gingrich. Trump himself, in addition to being the subject of several sexual assault allegations, has maintained problematic views on harassment, even when it comes to his daughter Ivanka. Trump has said that if Ivanka was harassed at work, she should find a new job. In a 2013 interview alongside Ivanka on Wendy Williams’ show, Trump couldn’t stop bringing up sex when talking about his daughter.

“He’s so cocky, he stuck with sex even after Ivanka gave him two perfectly good answers in real estate and golf,” Meyers said. “He’s like the dad in Family Feud who ignores everyone’s better answers. ‘What do you do in a park?’ Play Frisbee! Have a picnic! Walk dog! ‘I’m gonna go with, grab a stranger’s breasts.'”

Other Trump campaign surrogates have had trouble staying focused on positive messaging, too. Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and Alex Jones have all promoted a recent National Enquirer story by a man claiming to be Hillary Clinton’s secret hitman who “set up illicit romps with both men and women.”

“Illicit romps with men and women? No wonder her numbers with millennials are back up,” Meyers said. “It’s like an episode of Girls.”

Watch the clip below.

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